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About Us

With over 150 yachts launched in the last twenty years, Vicem is now one of the world’s largest and most respected builders of classic luxury motor yachts. Fifteen design professionals – Naval Architects and Marine Engineers – use the latest generation design and project management software to produce technical specifications that are second to none. Their collaboration with some of the most prestigious design firms in the industry (Frank Mulder, Art Line Interiors, Wetzels Brown Partners and Ken Freivokh) assure cutting edge practices.

Four hundred staff in three Turkish facilities (one just outside of Istanbul in Tuzla, and two more in Antalya) that total 550,000 square feet (or 50,000 square meters) devote themselves to translating these designs into yachts that have become the envy of the yachting world. Worldwide Sales and Support operations are widely acknowledged to be world-class. They are run by an international brokers network made up of Vicem of America (Fort Lauderdale), Vicem of Europe (La Spezia) and Vicem of Asia Pacific (Australia).

35Years of Experience
125Professional Staff
85Special Yachts


Cold Molded

For 3,000 years Turkish artisans have finely honed their experiences in working with natural materials. Vicem celebrates this storied tradition of wood working craftsmanship by taking traditional methods and adding a contemporary, high tech twist: The Cold-Molded process.

This operation simply involves applying layers of thin solid-wood veneers, oriented at different angles, to be saturated by epoxy over a computer-designed mold. This marriage of engineered woods with formulated resins yields a hull that is lighter, stronger and more durable than traditionally built fiberglass boats. To this are added the widely acclaimed advantages in comfort, noise reduction, and insulation from the elements.

Customer Care

For Vicem, customer satisfaction will always be of a paramount importance.

This is why Vicem has created an extensive and personalized customer care network that provides owners with extremely high standard of service, including immediate response to issues and concerns in order to guarantee its customers a stress-free nautical experience.

Fully trained professionals will assure a prompt response. The wide range services offered by Vicem Yacht Customer Care includes technical support, spare parts and accessories, transport and storage and an emergency telephone service for assistance and information that is available every day of the year.

Vicem staff can be contacted for answers to technical questions as well as specific feedback, information or advice at customercare@vicemyacht.com.


It is said in Turkey that humble beginnings launch the purest of intentions. In the case of Vicem, it all started in a tiny Black Sea town of the same name. In the 1980’s a Turkish businessman from Vicem– Sebahattin Hafizoglu – developed a passionate regard for the storied schooners of the Bosporus (known as the Turkish Gulet).
He boldly decided to reinterpret them for modern sensibilities, using state-of-the-art Cold Molded wood and epoxy techniques. Almost immediately his countrymen recognized this merger of a new kind of luxury, comfort and performance with classical charm. Local resorts and businessmen clamoured for anything he could build. And so, in 1991, Vicem Yachts was formed. Twenty years later the wider world has come to recognize Vicem’s impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising allegiance to quality